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Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

The layering of waterproof vinyl floors gives you that gorgeous wood or stone look yet with protection from scratches and water.

About Waterproof Vinyl Floors


You've waited a ridiculously long time to get to this point—you're finally updating your worn, outdated flooring and getting something much more reflective of you and your family's style. You have a couple of non-negotiables, though: the new floor must be waterproof and durable enough to withstand your home's busiest and messiest days (which often happen all at once). 


You’ll be pleased to learn that vinyl waterproof floors are created with these goals in mind. They are constructed of several layers, beginning with a backing layer followed by a strong, dense core. There are two options for this particular layer:


After the core, the layers continue with a high-resolution printed image layer, which gives you that gorgeous look of wood or stone, and a protective wear layer made to resist everyday scratches and scuffs.


Waterproof Vinyl Floors vs. Waterproof Laminate


What do you need to know to choose between waterproof vinyl floors and laminate floors? Both are durable options that give you protection from spills, moisture, and general humidity. A key difference is in their composition, with waterproof vinyl featuring polymer, which is entirely moisture resistant. Waterproof laminate, on the other hand, uses resins that resist liquid, plus it requires watertight joints between planks for true waterproof protection. 


Appearance of Vinyl Waterproof Floors


Just because your grandmother has dated vinyl flooring in her kitchen in a dull color of beige, doesn't mean that your modern vinyl floors have to be just as boring! Waterproof vinyl flooring has a plethora of stunning styles to complement whatever existing decor and design vision you have for your home! Want an elegant stone look that your mother-in-law mistakes for high-end granite? Or how about a knotty, textured pine wood look to add a rustic edge to your weekend cabin? Even a bold geometric pattern that really accentuates your eclectic office is possible.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring


As you whittle down your favorite flooring contenders, keep in mind the pros and cons that come with waterproof vinyl floors. 

The advantages include: 


Disadvantages to waterproof vinyl floors may be: 




Whether you opt for waterproof vinyl planks or tiles, you're investing in a durable floor that won't fall apart after several seasons with your energetic family. Under normal circumstances, even the most unruly pets won't ruin high-quality vinyl waterproof floors. Between the strong protective topcoat and the water-resistant core, waterproof vinyl flooring lets you breathe easy and go about your life without worrying too much about what's happening to it. 


How to Maintain Waterproof Vinyl Flooring


Easy maintenance is a huge selling point for many of today's man-made flooring options and that includes waterproof vinyl flooring. But don't rest on your laurels after installation, letting dust, dirt, and pet hair pile up. Your best bet is to start a cleaning routine immediately, even if it means assigning the weekly sweeping or vacuuming to your kids! On occasion, you may use a damp mop for a deeper clean, but be sure to check with manufacturer guidance first. 


Lifespan and Installation


You'll do everything you can to make this new purchase worth the money you've spent, right? Especially if it means you'll get the most life out of those gorgeous waterproof vinyl tiles. You can expect many years of wear ahead, but truth be told, your floor's longevity is more dependent on your family's choices and behaviors than you might realize. To reap all the benefits you can from your waterproof vinyl flooring, aim for the following:


After you've chosen your waterproof vinyl flooring, it's time for installation. Rather than entrust this all-important job to a family friend or the random handyman your neighbor swears by, go with the tried-and-true experts at your local Flooring America. An expert installer will show up with the necessary tools, prepare the flooring properly, and follow each step of the tedious process. Before you know it, you'll have pristine new floors underfoot and a long-lasting warranty that's still intact. 


FAQs About Waterproof Vinyl Floors